Diamond in the rough

I purchased the V2 and V4 kit with lid foam for the Vault 800. This a Quality product, competitively priced, made in the U.S.A. and in my opinion is more on the custom side than semi custom as advertised.

It allows for 2 levels of storage/protection, the kit is perfect for the 3 gun competitor or multiple gun range days.

With plenty of well thought out pre cut areas, with semi cut options in certain areas allowing for future expansion. ie; optics/RD, mag well, suppressor barrels, cleaning rods, etc.

Excellent customer service, quality shipping service, and the price is fantastic!

A 1 time, 1 level custom foam insert I was qouted $545CDN, No thanks, I would rather purchase more GUNFORMZ/Eaton Tactical with the money I saved.

Thank you
Eaton Tactical


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