PR Pelican Storm 3300 V1



CASE:  Designed for Pelican Storm 3300 Case
GUNS:  Holds variety of Bolt/ Auto/ Hunting Rifles
BIPOD: Cut for Forward/ Rear Collapsing legs
STOCK:  Fits Variety of Styles
ACCESSORY COMPARTMENTS:  Variety of accessory cuts- all cut into both top layers so you can pluck one layer 1.15″ deep, or both cut layers for 2.30″ deep.

This insert come with 3 layers, each cut at 1.15″. Top 2 layers are cut for Rifle/ accessories. Middle layer is cut for wheels on both ends (one end is plucks) which enables you to turn insert 180 degrees for scope up or down.
INSERT CUT-OUT LAYER SIZE:  50.5”L x 14.00”W x 2.30”H
INSERT BASE LAYER SIZE:  50.50”L x 14.00”W x 1.15”H

PART #:  ETI-PR-PS3300-V1

Replaces all foam in the bottom of case.


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