AR/ Shotgun Pelican Storm ARSG PS3300 V1A



CASE:  Designed for Pelican Storm 3300 Case™
Nice 3 Gun Setup. Shotgun cut does not allow for extended mag.
This insert come2 with 2 layers, Top cut layer is 1.15″. Base layer is .58″ – Designed to be glued together to form a top layer, and either used on top of one of the stock pieces of foam or in conjunction with one of our ARBLs (bottom layers).
INSERT CUT-OUT LAYER SIZE:  50.5”L x 13.50”W x 1.15″”H
INSERT BASE LAYER SIZE:  50.50”L x 13.50”W x .58”H


Replaces Top layer foam


GUNFORMZ offers a growing assortment of adaptable semi-custom case insert for rifles, handguns, and other items.  You can feel confident knowing the products you order are made from the finest American made materials and with the utmost attention to every detail.
The main focus of GUNFORMZ is providing an economical solution for your protective case. We make pre-cut designs that we consider about a 95% solution for just about everyone. All of our foam is water jet cut from 2lb polyethylene closed-end cell foam. With just a bit of customization, you would be able to have a near-custom with our inserts. With this model, we are able to offer a great product at around HALF the price of custom foam.


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