IWB Holster


My IWB holsters are built with .060″ Kydex. This is the thinnest material that I felt comfortable using without compromising proper structure for the holster. This makes a rig that is only .120” bigger than the gun – this is very thin!


Additional information

Gun Model

Glock 17/22, Glock 17/22 XC1, Glock 19/23, Glock 19/23 Grn CT, Glock 19/23 XC1, Glock 26/27, Glock 19/23 APL, Glock 43, Glock 42, Glock 36, Glock 30, Glock 20/21, M&P 9/40 C, M&P 45 C, M&P 4.25", M&P 5", M&P 9/40 SHLD, M&P 9/40 SHLD RED CTL, M&P 9/40 SHLD GRN CTL, M&P 45 SHLD, M&P BODYGRD, M&P BODYGRD RED CTL, Springfield XD 3" SC, Springfield XD 4", Springfield XD MOD 2 3" SC, Springfield XD MOD 2 4", Springfield XDS 3.3", Springfield XDS 4", Springfield XDM 3.8", Springfield XDM 4.5", Springfield Operator 1911, SIG P238, SIG P938, SIG P226, SIG P228, SIG P229, SIG P320 APL, SIG P320, SIG P365, SIG Compact .45 1911 4.2", SIG Ultra Compact .45 1911 3", CZ P01, CZ P07, CZ P09, CZ P10, CANIK TP9 SF ELITE, Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9, Ruger LC9 Red CT, KELTEC PF9, KELTEC PMR 30, Kimber SOLO, Kimber MICRO 9mm, Colt Gov 5" 1911, Colt Commander 4.25" 1911, Colt Micro Compact .45 1911, Walther PPS, Walther PPQ .45

Choose Hand

Right Handed Shooter, Left Handed Shooter

Choose Color

Black, OD Green, Pink

Optional Attachment

None, 1" Flex Loop, Tac-Ware Cantable Clip, ULTI-CLIP

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