AR15 Pelican 1750 V2

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CASE:  Designed for Pelican 1750 Protector Case™
GUNS:  Holds 22” AR-15 Rifle plus Universal Pistol
MOD RAIL:  Fits Full Length
MAGAZINES:  Holds (2) 30-Rounds
 Fits Multiple Sizes up to 16”
STOCK:  Fits Variety of Styles
ACCESSORY COMPARTMENTS:  BiPod, Laser Boresight, Glock S/C/ Full Size with Light/ Laser cut,NVD Bonocular,  Batteries, Silica Gel Pac, Misc Cut outs
INSERT CUT-OUT LAYER SIZE:  50.5”L x 13.50”W x 1.15”H
INSERT BASE LAYER SIZE:  50.50”L x 13.50”W x .58”H
PART #:  ETI-AR15-P1750-V2

Replaces middle layer only of case factory foam


GUNFORMZ offers a growing assortment of adaptable semi-custom case insert for rifles, handguns, and other items.  You can feel confident knowing the products you order are made from the finest American made materials and with the utmost attention to every detail.
The main focus of GUNFORMZ is providing an economical solution for your protective case. We make pre-cut designs that we consider about a 95% solution for just about everyone. All of our foam is water jet cut from 2lb polyethylene closed-end cell foam. With just a bit of customization, you would be able to have a near-custom with our inserts. With this model, we are able to offer a great product at around HALF the price of custom foam.

1 review for AR15 Pelican 1750 V2

  1. 5 out of 5

    spershaw42 (verified owner)

    This is a great product, the only “problem” I had was that the outline for my pistol grip was a little bigger than I liked and I had to cut a little extra foam around the magwell. These are not really bad problems and the fact is that it is a TON cleaner than my old pick foam layer. I have some Super 77 glue but did not realize they recommended 3M 90 for adhering the layers. I also got some of the foam rivets but have not used them yet. This fits PERFECTLY in my apache 9600 which is the clone of the Pelican from Harbor Freight, and I will be getting the second layer ordered in January if I do not get it for Christmas. I may be getting a second set for my wife after I find out if she wants a hard case like this or a soft case for her AR. I am VERY happy with my Gunformz and Thanks for the stickers and Kozi that was a nice addition! I will be sure to proudly display my stickers for Gunformz on my case so that anyone who sees it knows where I got it from! The pick and place foam is already starting to come apart and I have only been using this for storage and to and from the range a few times in the last year of lockdown so very light usage. These Gunformz are SO much more rugged than the pick and place stuff and I expect them to last for years to come. Thanks again!

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