AR15 Pelican 1720 V5


CASE:  Designed for Pelican 1720 Protector Case™
GUNS:  Holds 16”, 18”, or 20″ AR-15 Rifle plus Universal Pistol
MOD RAIL:  Fits Full Length
MAGAZINES:  Holds (4) 30-Rounds
FORWARD GRIP:  Fits Multi-Position
 Fits Multiple Sizes up to 16”
STOCK:  Fits Variety of Positions and Styles
ACCESSORY COMPARTMENTS:  Holds 2 x Glock Pistols, BiPod, Laser Boresight, Mini-Scope, Bipod, Batteries, Silica Gel Pac
INSERT CUT-OUT LAYER SIZE:  42”L x 13.5”W x 1.15”H
INSERT BASE LAYER SIZE:  42”L x 13.5”W x .58”H
PART #:  ETI-AR15-P1720-V5