Tactical Knives

My Knife-Making Process

Each Tactical Knife blade is water-jet cut by family owned and operated Water Jet Tech, in St Louis, MO. I mark each blade for edge thickness and then hand grind with a flat ground bevel. After grinding the blade to about 90% my maker’s mark is applied, then it is heat treated at my shop, in an Even Heat kiln. Then each blade receives a final grind and edges are rounded and softened. My tactical blades are painted with Cerakote, and sharpened with diamond sharpening stones.

Handle slabs are cut from a Micarta sheet, beveled and sandblasted for final finish, providing a good look and texture for better grip. Handle slabs are fixed to the knife using painted screws and barrel nuts.

To finish your knife order, I hand-make a sheath from .080 Kydex, heated and formed to your knife.

My knives are offered with either a belt clip for Vertical carry, or Flex Loops for Horizontal Small of Back Carry.

M2 Tactical Knife


M3 Tactical Knife


M4 Tactical Knife


M5 Tactical Knife


M6 Tactical Knife


M6N Tactical Knife


M7L Tactical Knife


M7S Tactical Knife


Ranger Buddy