IWB Holsters

Eaton Tactical Innovations IWB holsters are made highly concealable, offer a clean, smooth draw, and shooter comfort. These were major influences in the design. Each hand-made holster is crafted from materials made in the U.S., which is also very important to many!

I carefully mold a wraparound Kydex™ shell in one piece for strength, paying keen attention to close tolerances for optimum fit and finish. Then I smooth and dehorn all edges. I have included a few key features while keeping the design simple. This holster is very thin and lightweight, yet strong and durable.

My IWB holsters are built with .060″ Kydex. This is the thinnest material that I felt comfortable using without compromising proper structure for the holster. This makes a rig that is only .120” bigger than the gun – this is very thin!

The ETI Guarantee

I stand behind every holster. If you are not satisfied, return it within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. This is a holster I designed for my own use. I am very particular, and this is my every day concealed carry holster. Please consider making it yours. Thank you.

IWB Holster Images

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