GUNFORMZ Case Inserts

by Eaton Tactical Innovations, LLC.

Eaton Tactical Innovations is proud to offer our growing line of GUNFORMZ Case Inserts.


  • Makes the inside of your case as indestructible as the outside!
  • Keeps gun and accessories separated inside and cushioned, protecting from scratching and damage during transit.
  • Provides inventory control by allowing a quick visual check of items present.
  • Our case inserts are created using CNC waterjet cutting that produces a clean, precise, non-deformed edge nearly impossible to achieve with any other production method including hand-cutting and using Pick ‘N Pluck foams.
  • Two-pound, single-layer, closed-cell polyethylene foam is used that holds shape without crushing or deforming from use, and is impact-resistant, oil and solvent-proof, anti-bacterial, non-abrasive, and 100% recyclable!
  • Our closed-cell foam also resists humidity and moisture absorption thus preventing corrosion, discoloration, etc.
  • This CNC precision-cut foam is superior to Pick ‘N Pluck foam that commonly leaves behind black dust and can also break down sooner due to the continuous tiny slices that weaken the foam.
  • The semi-custom pre-cut universal designs accept a variety of customized weapon configurations with the use of assorted cut-outs and saves you the hassle of trying to create a sleek case insert.  Our case foam fits your items beautifully  without the choppy, square cuts of Pick ‘N Pluck.
  • The rifle case inserts fit most standard accessories including magazines, ammunition boxes, bi-pods, optics, batteries, shoulder straps, lights, bolt conversions, silicon dry packs, and more!  Available accessory cut-outs can hold additional items of your choice.
  • Provides a clean, professional look for your prized possession!

This is an example of our main gun TOP layer. This layer will be generally be named for the type of gun, such as AR. It consists of 2 pieces, a cut layer and a base. Depending on the case, this layer is generally 1.75″-2″. This TOP layer is sold SEPARATELY from the ARBL. If you do not wish to purchase our ARBL, this TOP layer can be used on top of a piece of the case stock foam.

This is an example of our magazine bottom layer, we call it an ARBL. This layer consists of 2 pieces, a cut layer and a base. Our V2/ V3 models will take 1 or 2 pistols. Depending on the case, the ARBL is generally 1.75″-2″ thick. The ARBL is sold SEPARATELY from the top layer. 

Search below for our available GUNFORMZ models:

The main focus of GUNFORMZ is providing an economical solution for your protective case. We make pre-cut designs that we consider about a 95% solution for just about everyone. All of our foam is water jet cut from 2lb polyethylene closed end cell foam.

Custom foam can easily cost the same as your case and sometimes more. We consider our inserts semi-custom. We are not able to do custom work, but with just a bit of customization you would be able to have a near custom with our inserts. With this model we are able to offer a great product at around HALF the price of custom foam.

Our inserts come UNGLUED. This allows the user to make any adjustments to the rifle or other compartments before gluing. We recommend using 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray glue for your glue up. Most of our pistol inserts don’t even require gluing due to the snug fit.

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