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Frank Eaton, an 18 year Special Operations Veteran in the U.S Army, understands what you are looking for in quality hand-made tactical knives and holsters. He has applied his shooting and tactical knowledge toward the development of sound tactical tools for military, Law Enforcement, and civilian use.

Meet the Craftsman

Frank Eaton is an 18-year veteran of the United States Army Special Operations Command. During his 24-year career with the U.S. Army, Frank had the distinction of serving some of the greatest organizations in the U.S. military.

Frank is an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, a graduate of the FBI Firearms Instructor Course and many other military and civilian marksmanship courses.

Current News

New Missouri Gun Law Changes

Gun rights in Missouri were expanded this week by a victorious Republican supermajority in the Legislature. Will we have more senseless mayhem or a greater sense of personal safety?

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Black Friday Gun Sales Surpass Forecasts!

With the election of Donald Trump in early November, many mainstream news sources predicted a substantial downturn in gun sales. Some even claimed that Trump’s victory would cause slower sales on Black Friday, which is often one of the strongest days for firearm sales. As has become the norm for mainstream media predictions, this forecast of Black Friday gun sales turned out to be completely incorrect.

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Gun Control Supporters Race to Embarrass Themselves Following OSU Stabbing Attack!

Guinness World Records may refuse to acknowledge feats pertaining to the lawful exercise of right to keep and bear arms, but how about a world record for most shameless attempt to politicize tragedy? The competition would be stiff, as evidenced by the plethora of ignorant tweets issued in the wake of Monday’s motor vehicle and stabbing attack on the campus of Ohio State University.

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These products are amazing!!!!! The customer service alone is amazing!!! Mr. Eaton has made 5 holsters for me and I use them every day without any problems EVER!!! THANK YOU again, sir!


Ryan M.

I have to say that Frank's holster is a lot more comfortable and easier to adjust the slant I like to carry. As a former military member and a retired police officer, I highly recommend Frank's holsters.


Ricky M.

Pictures do not do these knives justice. Very well made knives and sheaths. He did amazing work on this set. Thanks again Frank. Love it.


Jo C.

ETI’s customer service and quick delivery alone warrant the 5 star review! Frank’s’ commitment to his products functionality is the icing on the cake.


Shannon O.